Corporate events, theme parties, meetings, galas, parties, and trade shows. Our full-service event planning, management, corporate entertainment and production team can help you take your functions to soaring new levels. Let us take care of the details so you can turn your focus to the meeting, important guests or award-winners at hand. InnovativEvents will make your event as memorable as it is effortless. Stress-free events. Guaranteed.

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Des Moines based InnovativEvents has over 25 years of experience in the event industry ranging from idea conception, event preparation, event setup and tear-down, and post-event analytics. See below for the types of events InnovativEvents can help you manage and coordinate:

Corporate Events, Meetings and Banquets, Conferences,  Seminars, Tradeshows, Destination Events, Galas, Private Events, Special Events, Charity, Nonprofit, Holiday Functions, Décor Elements, Theme Parties, School Celebrations

Stress-free Guarantee

With 30+ years in the industry, we are so confident in our services, expertise, and know-how that we guarantee your event experience will be stress free.

So much is riding on the success of your corporate event, don’t risk that a single detail could derail its effectiveness.  Let InnovativEvents manage everything from staging and sound to ambiance and attitude.  Let us take care of the details and worry about ensuring that the event runs smoothly so you can focus on the important guests and enjoying your event.

Thank you so much for all of your work and help to provide the decorating for our event! The venue looked amazing and the red and blue theme worked perfectly. It wouldn't have been a success without all of the help from InnovativEvents! Convention and Visitors Bureau


Thank you SO much for all of your help with the event on Friday night. I loved working with you and your team, we appreciate you pulling all of this together even with all of our changes, requests, etc. Thanks for your professionalism, quick responses and helping us take the Friday night dinner from good to great! Kate Belza, Corporate Client

I thank you so much for all that you did to make our event wonderful! Julie, Corporate Client

The InnovativEvents team is always very responsive throughout the entire process and flawlessly executes our events. I don't have to worry about anything! Kathy, Association Planner

I love the centerpieces so much! They are unique and elegant. The stick figures are so much fun and again totally unusual and whimsical. You are a creative genius. Thank you! Margo B., Social Client


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