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Business Tips

11 Tips for Great Conversation

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How to meet and converse with others Engaging in conversation can be somewhat of a sport: listening to others ideas, collaborating, discussing deep subjects. It is something I love to do and find it to be essential to my wellbeing and the health of my mental state. I have learned to enjoy networking and find the new ideas and meeting new people fascinating. During various…

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Networking Success Tips

10 Networking Success Tips for the Self-Employed

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How to manage your way through networking events as an entrepreneur Learning to network does not come naturally, which I found out the hard way. When I started my business I was a young entrepreneur that needed to figure out how to make a business work. Very soon, I started to understand the importance of networking to help build my business and connections. This often…

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Unique Meeting Spaces

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Anymore, businesses are trying to find ways for their employees to maximize productivity in shorter amounts of time. This can be difficult when planning and organizing a meeting for a dozen or more individuals flying in from various cities. Companies are noting the time taken for travel to and from the airport, waiting around for luggage, and the distraction and time spent worrying about leaving…

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Finding a Business Coach

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Background photo: Waag Society Business coaches provide advice and guidance when an issue approaches in your work life. Finding one isn’t always easy if you don’t know where to start. I can say that having a business coach in the event planning industry has been a life saver as well as with entrepreneurial adventures. Once you have found a business coach, they are invaluable and…

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