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Healthy Snack Alternatives

Ideas for healthy food stations and snacks for your next meeting or conference

Eating healthy during long meetings and conferences can be a struggle. It’s easy to grab whatever is presented throughout the day whether it’s a cookie, bag of chips, or doughnut.

Sugary and carb-loaded food options can leave attendees feeling bloated or sluggish. In order to keep the energy high, offer healthier food options during breaks.

Below are five healthier alternatives for your snack bars:

1. A trail mix station

This array of dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate was displayed at one of our recent events. Guests could fill a small bowl with the array of options to snack on while the meeting was in progress.

Healthy Snack Bar | InnovativEvents

A healthy trail mix bar from Interise 2015

2. Smoothie shots

These quick drinks are filled with healthy fruits and energy boosting ingredients and offer a wide assortment of flavors to choose from.

Healthy Event Snacks

Wolfgang Puck

3. Healthy food bar

This is the ultimate healthy food display. In addition to the veggies and dip and fruit skewers this food station has watermelon bites on a stick, mini caprese salads, pumpkin latte shots, yogurt parfait shots.

Healthy Event Snacks

Sweet Designs

4. Cake pop alternatives

Cake pops are a fun and easy sweet treat but not quite the healthiest option. Swap out the cake pops for banana or apple slices that can be dipped in something sweet. Although the toppings aren’t the healthiest, it sure beats a sugary filled cake ball.

Healthy Event Snacks

Banana Pops

Healthy Event Snacks

Apple Pops 

5. Quick breakfast bites

For early morning meetings offer guests quick breakfast options so that they can get to the meeting on time and not miss out on the most important meal of the day. These yogurt parfaits are an easy grab and go option:

Healthy Event Snacks Healthy Event Snacks6

Yogurt Parfaits 

What are your go-to healthy snack options?