Revamp Your Tailgating Parties


As summer quickly fades away, we are greeted by the long-awaited football season. This means a lot of food, fun, and drinks. Whether your football celebrations take place at home or on the go, we have some fun ideas for you!


1) Food

Tailgating and watching football are not complete without a smorgasbord of food. There are a lot of fun ways to play with food so that not only is it tasty but visually appealing as well.

Decorate or design your food to be football shaped.

Rice Krispie Treats | Football Cake Pops | Football Cheese and Crackers | Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you want to stretch your creative abilities and have the time, shape food into other football related items.

 Watermelon Football Helmet | Football Field Guacamole | Football Stadium Made from Food

You don’t have to throw all of your health goals out of the window just because it is football season. Healthy recipes such as the ones below exist as well!

Greek 7 Layer Dip | Four Bean Vegetarian Chili | Green Beans in a Blanket | Mini Cauliflower Pizza Bites 

Food presentation can be integral to how classy you want your party to be. Use tiered displays for stylish presentation.  It’s best to use glassware in this case as well.

Elegant Food Display

Party Table

2) Drinks

Don’t forget your guests will need something to wash down all of the food you have available… and what is a football party without an alcoholic drink or two ; )

DIY Drink Bar | Beer in Ice

If you want to step it up a notch, you could get an all-inclusive tailgating trailer like this. What more could you need?

Neiman Marcus Tailgate Trailer 

3) Entertainment

Lastly, before the game starts you may need to entertain your guests for a while. Though drinking games may not fall under the panache category, they are traditionally tied to tailgating. Popular tailgating games include flip cup, beer pong, and bags among others. If you plan on these, don’t forget the Red SOLO cups!

Beer Pong Table | Bags Game | Flip Cup