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Food and Entertainment: Maui

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If you are an event planner that has destination management as one of their available skills and expertise, it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself planning a trip to Maui or one of the other Hawaiian islands at one time or another. Hawaii is an ideal event destination for multiple reasons: The weather is nice much of the year It is a tropical location,…

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How to Produce a Successful Outdoor Event

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Having an outdoor event is always risky business. However, when weather cooperates and you have taken the time to cover all of your bases you can create a wonderful event. There is nothing better than a well-planned and well executed event. For some reason, when the weather cooperates, it seems to help all other plans fall into place as well (or at least it’s one…

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iBeacons and Events

iBeacons for Events

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What you need to know about using iBeacon tech for attendee engagement The event industry is constantly changing and evolving in order to provide an improved, more engaging audience and attendee experience. One result of such endeavors is the adoption of iBeacons. You’ve likely heard this buzzword in recent months as iBeacons are being incorporated at trade shows, business conferences, conventions, and meetings. With this…

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Company Picnic

Hosting a Successful Company Picnic

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Company picnics are a great opportunity to show appreciation for your employees, provide coworkers the opportunity to network outside of the office, boost morale with some work reprieve and fun, as well as an additional chance for team-building activities. Ensure your picnic is successful with the following guidelines: >Plan ahead Throwing together a last minute picnic will not turn out well for you or your…

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11 Tips for Great Conversation

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How to meet and converse with others Engaging in conversation can be somewhat of a sport: listening to others ideas, collaborating, discussing deep subjects. It is something I love to do and find it to be essential to my wellbeing and the health of my mental state. I have learned to enjoy networking and find the new ideas and meeting new people fascinating. During various…

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Persevering Through Low Event Attendance

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How to handle a less than expected attendance at your events Estimating the amount of attendees for your event can be a stressful experience. Overestimate and food can go to waste, the room can look empty, and you may be left with an abundance of event swag that was specific to that event only. Underestimate and you may be left with hungry guests, a lack…

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Presentations with a Twist: PowerPoint Karaoke Style

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Original photo by Morgan Sessions PowerPoint has become ubiquitous in business and meeting presentations. A new company exercise called “PowerPoint Karaoke” or “battle decks”, takes presentations to a new level to reduce worker stress and tackle the fear often associated with presenting. In this unique and fun presentation method, presenters stand at the front of the audience after just receiving the topic of their discussion….

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