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Curious about what is inside each issue? Read below to find out how we bring you the latest tips, trends, and budget-saving tricks for your next event!

Trend Alerts & Featured Products

Always keep yourself ahead of the game when it comes to planning an Innovative event! We’ll keep you “in-the-know” with the latest trends and unique ideas from around the event world!

Stay Grounded with “Solved”

Helium nightmares? Vendor no-show? Centerpiece disasters? We’ll provide you with simple quick-fix solutions to your event woes with our problem solver columns.

Brain Expansion

You learn something new every day or maybe not, but with our brain expansion article you’ll be sure to learn something new to help you grow as a professional.

You Should Know

In this section we will be interviewing our favorite caterers, photographers, florists, and more. This will allow you to get to know some of the best in their profession in Des Moines.




May 2016 – Brush Up on Your Business Skills

March 2016 – Springtime De-stressors

February 2016 – Some New and Exciting Updates

June 2015 – Hot Summer Ideas

January 2015 – New Year… Improved You

November 2014 – Fun Fall Mix

October 2014 – FALLow these lists

May 2014 -Happiness Blooming!

March 2014 – Meeting Mania

January 2014 – Brrr…illiant Trends  for the New Year!

November 2013 – Gobble Up These New Ideas!

October 2013 – Boo!

September 2013 – Get Creative!

August 2013 – Meetings Done Right

July 2013 – Hot, Hot, Hot

June 2013 – Vine, Video, da Vinci

May 2013 – Don’t Unravel

April 2013 – Get Moving

March 2013 – Spring-spiration

February 2013 Groundhog Wrong

January 2013 – Fresh Ideas for Your New Year