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Pre-Caucus Party Prepping

By January, 2016Events
Pre-Caucus Party Planning

The Iowa caucuses have dawned upon us once again… boy how time flies!

This is an important time for Iowans as nationwide… even worldwide media attention turns to us. This is also a critical time for political parties as Iowa is the first state in the nation to cast their vote on who we think the next presidential candidate should be. Iowa caucuses have often served as an early indicator of which presidential candidates might win their political party’s nomination.

If you plan on hosting a caucus event or party in Iowa on February 1st, 2016 use the following tips to get your political opinion heard and get noticed:

1) Hire an event planner 

If you work in a political campaign party, we understand how busy you as the 2016 elections near every second of every day. There is a lot of hard work in campaigning. Even if you don’t work for a political campaign party, holidays make it difficult to make time for putting together a memorable event.

The easiest and smartest way to make an impact with your caucus event is in hiring an event planner. At InnovativEvents we know all of the local vendors, have a warehouse full of decor items, and understand what it takes to pull off a smooth event that guests will love. Seriously, call us today at 515-287-2887 to set yourself up for success.

2) Have your meeting planner reserve the most fitting location

Event and meeting planners know the lay of the land. If they’ve been in the industry for many years, then they will more easily be able to find a venue that fits your needs. Planning thousands of events in hundreds of locations gives an event planning company a good idea of the pros and cons of each venue and how to prioritize them to fit your needs.

3) Get your invitations out early

Because the Iowa Caucuses are so popular, it’s likely that you won’t be the only one hosting a party. To make sure you have your ideal list of guests in attendance, get your invitations out there ASAP so they can reserve the date on their calendars. The sooner you work with an event planner; the sooner you can nail down the details to create your invites.

4) Make your event one to remember

Sometimes getting your message across means creating the platform for a memorable night. Once you have the right crowd invited, make sure your event lives up to what was expected. Don’t outshine the message you are trying to convey, but be sure to support it with a quality event. You will also want your event to stand out among the many other caucus events taking place.

5) Get out there and canvas for your cause

Planning an event can be a stressful task, especially if you are spending hours searching for the right décor, food, drinks, venue and vetting each vendor to see if they fit your needs. Turn the details over to your planner leading up to and during the event, this will lift a significant deal of stress so that you can focus on your attendees and your caucus message.
If you’re gearing up for the Iowa Caucuses like many other political parties, businesses, and foundations, Innovativevents can act as your event planner extraordinaire. We can manage your event and act as your feet on the ground to make your event stress free!